These are the most common questions we are asked. Hopefully this helps you.

Q. How long does it take to get your pilot’s license?
A. The time required can vary greatly . The FAA requires at least 40 hours to obtain your Private Pilots License . With this being said the national average is typically 50-60 hours and sometimes longer. So how long will it take you to obtain the necessary training? Generally speaking 3-6 months, the biggest factor will be you the student. Keep in mind everyone learns at a different pace. There have been students ready to get their Private Pilots License in less than a month, and there have been others take about two years.  The best way to help yourself is to make a commitment to yourself, stay focused on your training, and consistently fly at least two times a week. So you need to ask yourself how soon do you want your license. Fast Track Flight Training can help you get there.

Q. How much does it cost to get your pilot’s license?
A. Fast Track Flight Training does not have a set price even though we are considering a package option for the Private, Instrument, and Commercial. The best way to help yourself is to make a commitment to yourself, stay focused on your training, and consistently fly at least two times a week. The more consistently you train the quicker( and typically less hours) you will get your license , therefore saving you money. As we establish packages they will be listed.

Q. What are your hours of operation?
A. We typically are available to provide flight instruction 7 days a week between the hours of 9am -10 pm. We can normally work with your schedule.

Q. Do I need any prior experience to start taking lessons?
A. Absolutely not! We can take you from zero time all the way to a commercial pilot . We can even train you to be a flight instructor.

Q. Is Aerobatics/Upset Recovery Training required by the FAA to get my pilots license?
A. No it is not required but highly recommend by Fast Track Flight Training . Chances are you will never get inverted in flight, but it is nice knowing that if you were inverted then you could recover safely. This course will not make you a stunt pilot but it will definitely make you a safer more confident pilot.

Q. Do you offer financing or scholarships?
A. At this time we do not , but we are looking into some options.

Q. Are there many career opportunities for pilots?
A. Yes. there is a high demand for pilots within airlines. There are also other options such as corporate flying, law enforcement and other government agencies. Working as a flight instructor is also a option a lot of pilots also choose.

Q. Do you accept VA benefits?
A. Unfortunately, at this time we do not work with the GI Bill .

Q. Can I buy an airplane to take lessons in?
A. Yes you can if you like, but be aware that there is a lot to think about before buying a plane such as high or low wing, insurance, what will you be using it for, how many seats do you need , what type of instrumentation it has etc. We use Grumman Cheetahs because they are  easy to get in and out of, very good  visibility,  have great handling characteristics, and a simple design, which makes them great trainers. Once you get your license you will then have a better knowledge of aircraft and the features Thant you like , therefore you can make a more informed aircraft purchase.

Q. I am a little nervous about my first flight, isn’t it scary?
A. For most people, it is absolutely amazing and they love it. With that being said safety is our top priority, at any time during your flight if you don’t feel comfortable and would like to return to the airport early just let your instructor/ commercial pilot know and you will be taken back. We want you to enjoy your experience just like we do.

Q. Are there age restrictions on taking lessons?
A. To take lessons no, but to solo (fly the plane by yourself) you must be at least 16. If you are under 16 there is plenty that we can work on before your birthday . Students have started as young as a preteen up to over 70 years old.

Q. What are the requirements to get a pilot’s license?|
A. You must:

  • Be 16 years old to fly solo in an airplane (however, if a student is under 16, there’s still plenty of training that we can work on  before  their  16th birthday)
  • Be 17 years old to receive your pilot’s certificate
  • Be able to read, speak and clearly understand English
  • Have at least a third-class medical certificate from an FAA medical examiner (we can assist you with finding an examiner)

Q. What is involved In a typical lesson?
A. A normal lesson is 2-3 hours total (not entirely in a plane) and consists of pre-flight briefing, a flight in the airplane, and a post-flight briefing. You will also be advised on what to expect on your next lesson.

Q. Can I take flight lessons if I’m not a U.S. citizen?
A. Yes you can, but Non-US citizens must be approved by the TSA. All applications must be submitted online and approved before any training can begin. Submit an application via