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Our Courses

All of the prices and hours below are based on the averages that it takes for a student to complete each training course. Your training may vary in cost and hours. Everyone is different and learns at their own pace.  Click on each course below to start learning about how Fast Track Flight School can help you on your journey to becoming a pilot! We can get you from 0 to CFI thru our courses. If you are already a pilot, we can help you to reach your next goal. 

Private Pilot certificate

Price: ~$11,300
Hours to complete: 40-70 hrs

This is the first course you will need to take in becoming a pilot

Fast Track Flight Training

Instrument rating

Price: ~$9,950
Hours to complete: 55-65 hrs

After you have become a private pilot the next step is to  obtain your instrument rating.

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Commercial pilot certificate

Price: ~$18,450
Hours to complete: to a total of 250 hrs

By the time you get your instrument, you will probably have around 135hrs, maybe less or more. You will then need to build more time to have 250hrs for your Commercial.

Certified flight instructor (CFI)

Price: ~$3250
Hours to complete: ~25 HRS

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor(CFI) allows you to teach others just getting started out in the world of avation.

Multi-Engine (add-On)

Price: ~$4000
Hours to complete: ~10 HRS

Now that you can fly a single-engine airplane, let’s take it to the next best thing. Learn how to fly a multi-engine airplane!

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